Viladecans Posters

From 16 May to 1 September 2024

Posters, book and magazine covers, newspaper front pages: the work of Joan-Pere Viladecans (Barcelona, 1948) has been constantly present in the streets of Catalonia. Ever since the late 1960s, he has created a personal language – objects, symbols, geometric shapes, algebraic formulae – and given it a collective dimension. From the films of Pere Portabella to the Terrassa Blues Festival, from the Congress of Catalan Culture to Ràdio 4, from the Olesa Passion Play to the April Fair, Viladecans’ posters have been a call, a cry of protest and a celebration. This exhibition brings together all of Viladecans’ posters to show how his language has evolved: his pictorial beginnings, his fascination with objects, his approach to conceptual art and his search for new forms of expression in touch with nature.


Cultural sphere

A language of symbols

Poetic revolt

Exhibition posters

Natural, organic

Celebration and permanence

Material and form

Biography Joan-Pere Viladecans

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